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Identification of Unknowns

Southern Logistics Chemists are available for the identification of unknown chemicals, cylinders and potentially shock sensitive chemicals. In order to successfully accomplish this process, Southern Logistics utilizes a variety of different hazardous categorization testing (“Haz Cat.”) and/or waste analyses. The typical turn around time for these analyses is 48-72 hours but dependent upon the urgency of a job, Southern Logistics can offer a 24 hour turn around service for applicable waste materials.

Disposal of Lab Chemicals

Southern Logistics has the resources and flexibility to offer a wide array of disposal options for lab chemicals. These options include the waste management of substances that most companies label as the “untouchables” including: explosives, biological waste, water/air reactives, pyrophoric waste, shock sensitive waste, cylinders and unknown waste. Southern Logistics is also continually in pursuit of finding alternative methods of disposal for lab chemicals including the beneficial reuse of acids and caustics. Each “Lab Pack” that is shipped for disposal will be assigned a unique approval number that allows an Southern Logistics project manager to track the associated waste from the point of generation into the disposal facility.

Chemical Inventories

Southern Logistics currently provides customers with a variety of different chemical inventory services. Dependent upon the frequency of a company’s waste generation, Southern Logistics can perform large or small scale chemical inventories. These inventories are necessary for an Southern Logistics chemist to determine what the most economical and compliant disposal or recycling options are available for each individual item.

Categorization & Packaging

Southern Logistics Chemists are trained according to all EPA, DOT, RCRA and OSHA regulatory guidelines in order to properly categorize, package and label your companies lab chemicals. All Southern Logistics personnel understand the significant amount of detail required to execute this task which is why Southern Logistics assigns an individual project manager and chemist to each particular “Lab Pack” that is performed.