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Southern Logistics, Inc. (SLI) is a privately owned and operated waste management company based out of Fairhope, Alabama. We have offices and personnel located throughout the Southern United States with the ability to manage the logistics and/or disposal of your company’s hazardous and non-hazardous waste, raw materials, and by-products. Our unique waste management programs are custom fit to your company’s individual needs. At SLI we recognize the importance that companies place on product and service liability, and minimizing that liability through environmental compliance. Our waste management programs will help you achieve those goals.

Southern Logistics, Inc. stands for the following principles:

Safe and compliant operational personnel that focus on providing excellent customer service

Limiting the liability and stress of our customers through turn-key, environmentally friendly solutions

Innovative, custom fit, customer driven, waste management programs and logistical services

Our company can handle bulk, solid and liquid materials, C&D debris, drums, totes, and other various containerized products. When materials are received or managed by SLI, they are secured, analyzed and verified for proper disposal. In this process, we use a series of detailed and documented procedures to ensure accuracy. As a result, our experts will properly assess your waste streams and develop the right recycling and/or disposal solution for you.

Waste Management Services

The following are examples of the disposal and/or recycling methods that we utilize for hazardous and non hazardous waste :

  • Shredding
  • Fuel Blending
  • Solidification/Direct Landfill
  • Beneficial Reuse/Recycling
  • Treatment and Stabilization
  • Incineration

Our waste management programs help identify the best available disposal methods in the most efficient and economical way. All materials that we handle are carefully evaluated in accordance with all state and federal regulations to assure that your liability is minimized. With our “One Stop Shop” concept, all the waste materials generated by your company can be managed by utilizing our waste management and logistical services, eliminating the need to use multiple disposal vendors.

Our programs are unique within the environmental industry and we are confident that with our hands-on approach, we can design a flexible and efficient waste management program that will be cost effective and give you the satisfaction that your company deserves.